Please note:

A preview of our brand new exquisite designer range created exclusively for Tropical Traders South Africa can be seen here. Any imitations that might make their way onto the local market will be a direct "rip off" and should be avoided as we work with a very talented team in Madagascar who take pride in the fact that their designs are exactly that, their designs... this also applies to the "African Tracks Designer Range" created for Italy and Europe. Please can would be "design thiefs" have the decency to respect this. The full range will be updated asap. They will all be on show at SARCDA.

Wholesale Pricing

We market our products to retailers only. See a list of distributors to see where to buy, or if you want to stock our products, contact us.

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Africa - Lauren & Glen D'arcy
33 Jeffreys Street, Jeffreys Bay,
Eastern Cape, 6330 - SOUTH AFRICA
Tel: +27 42 293 2204
Tel: +27 42 293 1694
Italy & Germany - Leandro Stanzani
Cetacea Service Srl, Rimini, Italy
Tel: +39 335 842 3131